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Orange Yame – Driving App Downloads

Botswana’s most innovative mobile network operator Orange wanted to drive installation of its new App dubbed Orange Yame, a free application, which allows Orange Botswana customers to:

-Manage their mobile accounts (get balance, buy internet pass and top-up…)
-Get access to Orange Services and applications
-Get access to the assistance section (via FAQs, Click-to-call customer service and shops locator) and get all USSD shortcuts with a tap of finger.


Maximizing app downloads

Orange Yame was seen as the main differentiator in a competitive mobile market. The company wanted to encourage Batswana to download the Orange Yame app for Android phones.

We targeted our ads at a wide range of age groups, using a variety of creative for the campaign and continuously assessing the effectiveness of our ads suing both Google & Facebook with the Ads only showing on Android OS mobile devices. We were able to target android users specifically, achieving a conversion rate of over 21%. The campaign was also targeted people from various age groups, tailoring the ad creative to each group and measuring what worked best throughout the campaign.

Our Success

We delivered an impressive conversion over one month using Facebook to reach the right audience, ensuring that the people who clicked on an ad would be likely to go on to download the app. The campaign achieved:

49 % conversion rate for ad clicks

1800 installs

3620 total clicks

126,029 impressions

Client: Orange

Published:23 Jan 2014

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