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Friends of SKY

SKY Girls BW was built on the notion of the whole movement being for girls, by girls. From the onset, we knew that we wanted to empower girls to stay true to themselves but at the same time help girls get closer to their dreams by realising their aspirations. Influencers were always going to be a part of our journey, and when we made the call to some of Botswana’s most celebrated millennials to join our course and represent SKY, they headed our call and responded in an overwhelming manner. These became the friends of SKY, some of them include

  • Ms Elte
  • Zeus
  • Euri
  • Dj Cupi
  • Loungo
  • Sadie
  • Ms Geekays
  • Sumaiyah
  • Melo

Client: Good Business

Published:22 Jan 2014

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