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Uyapo Ketogetswe Dialogue Twitterview

The Blogosphere for Brands: The Dialogue Group in Discussion with Uyapo Ketogetswe

Last week, we held our first ever #DigitalDialogues twitterview with local blogger, Uyapo Ketogetswe.

As brand custodians in the Ad agency world, it’s sometimes difficult for us to find time to do the things that we love doing most; coming up with and bringing to life our ideas that connect with people, instigating conversations that we hope will resonate with those who interact with them.

We locked down our ethos- what we love to do- because we at The Dialogue Group SPEAK HUMAN. We approach our work from the point of view of understanding. We know that there are metrics and data that support myriad business decisions- we also know that each client- each member of ‘the market’ is a real human being with ideas, aspirations and expectations. It is from this understanding that we create our strategies and implement our ideas. We embrace the whole. We’re passionate about doing work that connects with and engages people in a personal way.

We have locked in on the target and have begun the journey to unearthing some of the talented individuals who contribute to the creative whole- they are a valuable link in the chain of the industry- even though some might not understand the role that they can play in the building and sharing of brands.

The #DigitalDialogues are a series of talks aiming to get conversations going around people & brand culture touching on subjects that matter. The first of these is the #BWBloggerCulture series, which just last week featured blogger extraordinaire Uyapo Ketogetswe of @Nde_Uyapo. Uyapo is lifestyle and man’s fashion blogger currently doing work locally with SKY Magazine, Health Generation as well as international brands such as Levi’s & Elle Magazine. Here is how our conversation went:

@DialogueBW: Hey @Nde_Uyapo. Thanks for granting us a Twitterview with you!

Would you mind just giving us a bit of background about you, What do you do in the blogosphere?

@Nde_Uyapo: Greetings, thank you for having me! Super stoked to talk about #BWBloggerCulture for your first #DigitalDialogue.

@DialogueBW: Would you mind just giving us a bit of background about you and what do you do in the blogosphere?

@Nde_Uyapo: I am a men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger, collaborator and consultant

@DialogueBW: Great! And how long have you been at this blogging thing?

@Nde_Uyapo: I think I’ve been blogging for 7 or 8 years, on and off. I started with a music blog

@DialogueBW: Woah! You were a young padowan! (Star Wars reference!) What drew you to blogging though?

@Nde_Uyapo: Hahaha nice one I wanted a place I could share my point of view, work and interests.

@DialogueBW: Speaking of sharing your interests, how did you find your voice?

@Nde_Uyapo: There’s no formula. I’ve started and deleted blogs until I started one for self not others

@DialogueBW: And how does a blogger stay relevant in a medium that is so immediate?

@Nde_Uyapo: Digital spaces are constantly evolving making it difficult to stay relevant. You have to define & differentiate your content to capture your audience and remain genuine

@DialogueBW: What do you think of the local blogging landscape?

@Nde_Uyapo: Our blogging landscape is quite far behind in terms of its potential… People are becoming digitally skilled but local bloggers tend to follow not lead, which means they’re a step behind. Local bloggers miss the point of staying original!

@DialogueBW: Taking the lead is very important in our view as well. So then we ask, how do #BWBloggers become influential?

@Nde_Uyapo: Tapping into various social networks & producing high quality work are both vital! Readers are the reason you keep sharing so you have to consider their influence on you & what you do. It’s all about building trust and a relationship with your audience

@DialogueBW: Why do you think that bloggers’ voices are important in our day + age?

@Nde_Uyapo: Bloggers have the potential to be powerful brands that influence a digitally growing world!

@DialogueBW: How can brands harness this influence to connect with their audiences?

@Nde_Uyapo: Local brands are still hung up on traditional media and doubt the digital space. They’re the same brands trying to move into digital/mobile spaces but are afraid to take leaps.

@DialogueBW: Narce! Is there room for local brands to partner with bloggers?

@Nde_Uyapo: Brands utilize bloggers via sponsored posts/ advertorials/consultancy = bilateral gains

@DialogueBW: What would the value be if brands were brave and take that leap. Why is it important for the #BWBloggerCulture?

@Nde_Uyapo: People are no longer listening to the marketing guy, but rather personal commentary… Bloggers go through the experience & their word can connect to people more organically.

@DialogueBW: Where do you see the local blogosphere going? (The development of bloggers and blogging as a ‘thing’ that people do more often)

@Nde_Uyapo: Bloggers have the potential to be powerful brands that influence a digitally growing world! It’ll undoubtedly grow with cross-career opportunities into PR/branding/etc [cont’d] #BWBloggerCulture #DigitalDialogue

@DialogueBW:  Which local blogs do you follow, and which would you recommend for an up-and-coming blogger?

@Nde_Uyapo: Can I list myself? Hahaha! I love local blogs  &

@DialogueBW: And that, ladies & gentlemen is the end of our #DigitalDialogue on #BWBloggerCulture according to @Nde_Uyapo

@Nde_Uyapo: Thank you for this great experience!

Find Uyapo’s blog presence here: / IG: @nde_uyapo


To access the original Twitter thread, search: #BWBloggerCulture #DigitalDialogue


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